Sat's Splinterlands Bot

Sat's Splinterlands Bot

The premier Splinterlands bot written in Python 3.9 utilizing Playwright.

A Splinterlands Bot built in Python utilizing playwright. I am pushing updates for this bot out at least once a week, typically 3 times.
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The Many Features Of The Bot

Never Breaks

If the bottom ever malfunctions, it will notify the user of the error and continue working.

Always Winning

The bot, at any level, has typically kept above a 50% ratio for winning.

Constantly Updated

The bot is constantly being revised and improved upon almost daily.

Ever-expanding Database

The decks the bot is utilizing are being compared daily to the most winning combinations.

Multi-Account Usage

The bot will allow users to have multiple accounts handled by one instance.

Goal Prioritization

If you wish to prioritize a specific splinter, those cards you spent too much on, your quests, or just winning; the bot will do so.

Easy To Use

While we have the "advanced" version to install, you can simply download your OS zip file for each new release.

More to Come!

We are constantly improving the bot to have more features than before!

Items with the keyword will are not currently implemented, but will be shortly.